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Hendrik’s photographs are created in small editions of 5, 6 or 10 depending on the series.

Each image is available in three sizes & is shipped diasec mounted & frameless, according to the artist’s specifications:

24 x 20 inch

40 x 30 inch

60 x 50 inch

A smaller 10 x 8 inch version is also available in an edition of 10. Please note this size does not come as a diasec mounted print.

Please contact the gallery via email at for pricing and availability.

**Prices quoted for Hendrik's work are done so in Euros and are not inclusive of shipping costs, taxes (if applicable), and any mounting or framing costs.

Click here to convert US Dollars to Euros.


Dutch by birth, it is no surprise that artist Hendrik Kerstens chooses to focus on light in the thoughtfully composed portraits of his daughter, Paula. Kerstens’ images are often compared to the work of Dutch master painter Johannes Vermeer, though with a decidedly modern twist. The Artist explains, "It's a way for me to shake up the concept of time. I'm taking someone today with modern tastes and portraying her in the style of 17th-century artists." The result is striking, often quirky imagery, whose technique is unmatched in other photographers working today.

Kerstens has been photographing his daughter since she was five. He initially hoped to document her life, to ‘be there’ in order to record the small, fleeting milestones in her day to day life. However, Kerstens unique vision and methods of production have transformed small milestones into monumental compositions, elevating the experience of everyday life into fine art, much in the same way as Vermeer. Paula serves as the perfect model for Kerstens’ ideas. She very much resembles the women of Vermeer’s time, with her pale skin and striking eyes. We see her grow and mature throughout the years, yet her striking gaze never ceases to connect with the viewer. With subtle detail, striking visuals and poetic qualities, the work of Hendrik Kerstens will not soon be forgotten.


“I shoot the portraits of my daughter, Paula, on 8 x 10, then I scan the film and work on the image in Photoshop. But a lot of people think I get the effect of the Dutch master paintings by manipulating the image somehow. I don’t. The lighting is all done in the studio, when I shoot. I don’t do anything in Photoshop that I wouldn’t normally in a darkroom.”

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University of Nijmegen, UMC St Radboud Collection

Sir Elton John Photography Collection, United Kingdom

Alexander McQueen collection, United Kingdom

University of Leiden, Special Collections, The Netherlands

Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC) collection, The Netherlands

Caldic Collection, The Netherlands

Teutloff collection, Germany

Major Art Foundation, The Netherlands

Collection of Te Campiani Carlo Clerici, Italy

Sanders collection, The Netherlands

Photo collection, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Telfair Museum of Art, Savannah, United States of America

University of Leiden, Special Collections, The Netherlands

Zuiderzeemuseum, Enkhuizen, The Netherlands

Museum of the City of New York, United States of America

Santa Barbara Museum of Art, United States of America

21c Museum, Louisville, United States of America

Museum of Photography, The Hague, The Netherlands

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